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Website created by the creative studio, GoodShape

GoodShape is a creative studio for web-design, internet, and new media. We focus on the creativity, freshness, comprehensiveness, functionality, and effectiveness of our solutions.

Due to our experiences and time spent in the worlds of multimedia and internet, we‘re able to precisely propose workable solutions.

We’re a team with very diverse experiences and are able to solve our clients‘ needs with great flexibility.

We provide professional and original web design, web development (creating websites and developing its applications), creativity (concept development and application), consulting services, on-line advertising campaigns, banner creation, SEO – search engine optimization, animation, analyses, corporate presentations, e-shops, microsites, viral campaigns, multimedia and video websites, as well as mobile websites.

Created by GoodShape, s.r.o. - www.goodshape.cz


The webdesign and motifs were used to evoke the atmosphere of Balkan peninsula and local cuisine. The content of each page such as chosen colours, fonts and complementary animations are inspired by printed materials of the restaurant and webdesign sensitively follows the same concept.

Technical Solutions

The Taverna Olympos internet presentation uses the following technologies: PHP5, MySQL5, Flash, XHTML, CSS and Javascript.

The website was created with special consideration for accessibility according to the Blind Friendly Web method as well as the rules for website accessibility issued by the Czech Ministry of Information. The website is accessible to useres with Blocked Images, Flash, Cascading Style Sheets, or Javascript.


1.0 (12/12/2008) – activation of new version

Date of Activation

* 12/12/2008

Parking cards

You can buy a parking card for 2 hours with 120 CZK in our restaurant.

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