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The magic of our family taverna reaches beyond the delicious and healthy Greek cuisine that we offer. With great care and love, we also aim to immerse you in the atmosphere and environment of Greece, so that each guest will be carried away to the taste, the sight and the sounds of the south without leaving the heart of Central Europe, the beautiful city of Prague.

We started with just three tables as Tavernaki Olympos a decade ago, on 12 December 1997, in Pohorelec Street. Very soon, we had to move to Kubelikova Street 9, as our guest numbers increased. Now we have 103 tables, and sometimes even that is not enough! We have also had to reorganize our garden in order to accommodate all our guests all year round, having specially in mind the children, who now have their own corner, with trees and beautiful flowers, where they can feel at ease.

Our staff and in particular the members of the Nedelkos family have worked on creating a place where you can come and forget about the stress and rush of everyday life. Your comfort and ease is our target.

We are always looking for ways to provide what you want. We organize wedding parties, birthday parties and many different events for people of all ages.

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You can buy a parking card for 2 hours with 120 CZK in our restaurant.

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From the 17.2.2020 until the 20.2.2020 we are closed.

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